App Store Optimization

63% of apps in iOS App Store are discovered via General Search.

App Store Optimization for your mobile app is an important factor to make an app visible to “general search” in the app stores. A well planned ASO campaign leads to increased visibility and relevant traffic to your app in app stores. The scope of an ASO campaign comprises of various aspects like optimizing the app title and app description,  positioning the app under the right app category in app stores, maximizing viewer engagement with appealing iconsscreenshotsintro videos and much more.

Our goal is to drive design an effective App Store Optimization (ASO campaign) that will drive more relevant traffic to your app’s page in the app store, so that visitors can do what you need them to: download your app.

ASO Packages

ASO Creative Bundle

App Icon Design
App Screenshot Design
Intro Video
Demo Video
Delivery Time: 10 Business Days

ASO Consultation Bundle

Keyword Analysis
Competitor Analysis
App Title Optimization
Description Optimization
Category Optimization
Delivery Time: 10 Business Days

ASO Combo Bundle

End-to-End ASO Portfolio
Creative Bundle
Consultation Bundle
Delivery Time: 10 Business Days

Creative designs for App Store Optimization 

Let the personality of your app be well depicted in App Stores. With the right set of App icon and App screenshots make a great first impression in app store search results.

A sleek and concise intro video aptly showcasing the key features of your app would make your app grab more eyeballs and finger presses! This would enhance the possibilities of receiving more download volumes.

Out of app stores, your App needs equal amount of credible presence. Host a great demo video in your website or Youtube, Vimeo etc, and show your potential users the rich functionality, great design and overall appeal of your app. This would make sure that your potential users are engaged not just in the app stores but across the scheme of internet.

Get a MakeOver for your App!

Keyword analysis and Competitive intelligence

When people search in various app stores for different keywords, in order for your app to appear in the list off search results, it is important to optimize various aspects of your app  with targeted keywords.

Within the Consultation Bundle of our App Store Optimization service, we do a thorough analysis of your App in terms of what it’s purpose is and then come up with an extensive list of keywords for which people search when they look for apps that meet the same purpose. We also do an in-depth competitor analysis to give your App the edge over competitors.

We then implement those keywords in the most natural way for a perfect App title optimization and App description optimization.

We also do the App Category Optimization by identifying the most relevant category where to list your app so that it fetches the maximum visibility in its relevant category.

Boost the Visibility of your App

Advantage A2A Optima

A2A Optima as a leading App Store Optimization service provider, we pioneer in designing effective ASO campaign strategy that are tailor made based on the type of the mobile application  and the needs of the app publisher. Our end-to-end app store optimization service comprising of both the creative and the consultation aspects ensures that the apps we optimize secure a prominent place in leading mobile app marketplaces. We are the experts in Google Play store optimizationiOS App Store optimization and Windows Marketplace optimization.